Sitting in the hollow of an oak tree, a Barred Owl chick waits for a meal while its parents are out hunting.
A Red Shouldered Hawk perches under the cover of a palm tree during the middle of the day at Myakka River State Park.
Anhingas capture fish by swimming underwater. After an afternoon of fishing, this guy was warming up in the branches of a small tree near the shores of Lake Myakka.
Sandhill crane parents patiently wait for these chicks to take the plunge into the water. Born on a floating island at Savannas Preserve State Park, they swam to shore only three days after being hatched.
Some of our best wildlife can be found in our own back yards. "Harry" the Great Blue Heron loves to sit on our dock and fish for mullet.
The skys above Corkscrew Santuary in Southwestern Florida illuminate some of the oldest cypress trees in the state.
A White Ibis stares at the video camera with a puzzled look.  They probe the marsh with their long bills for insects, frogs, fish, or just about anything that's good to eat!
This Green Heron patiently waits on a branch for a small fish to swim by at Everglades National Park.
One of the most unusual birds that live in Florida, this Roseate Spoonbill take a break from feeding at Merritt Island National Wildlife Preserve near the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral.
The Loggerhead Shrike looks cute, but this is the only song bird that acts like a bird of prey. Killing other birds as well as small lizards and rodents, it impales its prey on a thorn or tree branch before eating them.
A Snowy Egret perches on top of a mangrove branch. Hunted nearly to the point of extinction at the turn of the 20th century, these birds are made a wonderful comeback.
The Northern Mockingbird is Florida's state bird. Mockingbirds can be very aggressive and defend a territory of up to 2 acres.
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