Ever wondered what all those birds are that are just outside your window? The Audubon Moment can make bird identification a whole lot easier. 

Our nation has an abundance of birds. From common song birds that you might find around your house, to wading birds, shore birds, and raptors, Birds are a constant source of amazement and wonder. 

The Audubon Moment is a 60 second public service announcement (PSA) that will help you identify and learn interesting facts about the 
birds of North America.

Many of these birds are only seasonal residents, while others live around you year round. 

So tune your FM radio to your favorite public radio station. If you local public radio station isn't carrying The Audubon Moment yet, give them a call, and send us an email. We'll do everything we can to make sure that your station carries our broadcasts.

The Audubon Moment is provided as a free broadcast service to public radio stations throughout the United States.
Sample The Audubon Moment
A Yellow Crowned Night Heron perched in the mangroves.

The Painted Bunting
A male Painted Bunting shows off his bling in the form of identification bands placed on him by a research team from Florida.