Here are a few images that were all taken within 10 miles of my home. In most cases, you don't need to go on a major safari to experience the wild outdoors.
Bringing Our Wild Outdoors to Your Back Yard



One of the great things about birding is that you can start to experience the joys of nature right from your back yard. Even if you live in a major city, birds can be found in city parks, or even trees that line major roadways.

Want To Attract Birds
To Your Back Yard?

Birds are just like us in several ways. We both need food, water, and shelter. The nice thing about birding, is that you can provide all of the basic needs for your local birds from right outside your door.

If you have a back yard, start with shelter. Do you have trees or brush that is bird friendly? There are lots of good books and web sites that can show you how easy it is to create a bird friendly environment in your back yard.

Food is essential. If the dinner table isn't set, no one is going to come to your party.  Fortunately, bird feeders are easy to come by and can be very inexpensive.

Most of the birds that will come to your back yard will be in a category known as "Song Birds". They are typically small birds that are usually no more than 9 to 10 inches tall. Most of these birds thrive on wild bird feed mixes that can be purchased at most grocery or pet supply stores. 

Finally, a good bird bath or other source of water is a must. After all, if you were invited to a party and there wasn't anything to drink, how long would you stay?

Provide these basics, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the word will get out. Before you know it, your back yard will be full of appreciative birds eager to show off their plumage.