Discover What's In Your Back Yard
You never know what you might find right outside your door
We often think of our country as a nation that displays a lot of ecological diversity. From the Everglades of Florida to the Brooks Range of Alaska, the United States truly is a place to see great wildlife, and the birds of North America are no exception.

Celebrate the beauty of our country's wild side by viewing the pages of this web site. Want to know more about North America's birds? Listen to the Audubon Moment. 

Each segment of the Audubon Moment provides details about a specific species of bird that can be found in our country.

From the hundreds of bird species, to countless other critters that roam our wilderness areas, the wildlife of North America is here for all of us to enjoy and protect.

It's not that difficult to enjoy the wildlife and flora that's found in your state. All it takes is a little time and effort to get in the car and visit some of the many county, state, and national parks that are close to where you live.

Sometimes, all it takes is to step outside your door and just sit and watch what happens! You would be surprised at how much wildlife can be found just around your home or neighborhood.

So welcome to our web site and hopefully we can inspire you to meet a few of your neighbors that live life on the wild side!